Monday, 15 August 2016

Three Great Reasons Countertop commercial appliances Should Have a Place in Your Ottawa Home

With the right equipment, 'home cooking' goes from ordinary to extraordinary!

At Chef’s Paradise, we're committed to bringing the best in cooking solutions to every aspiring chef or lover of food, whether they're here in Ottawa or anywhere in North America.  Our countertop commercial appliancesaren't only for restaurants - it can be enjoyed in the home as well, to amazing results!

Three Reasons to Buy the Best for Your Ottawa Kitchen

1. Long Lifespans

Countertop commercial appliances is built to last, plain and simple.  A single evening's restaurant service can put as much strain on a piece of food preparation equipment as a month of cooking at home.  So where standard consumer-grade appliances like toasters or countertop grills usually only have a lifespan of a few years, countertop commercial appliances will last you much longer.  

In the long run, commercial-grade equipment can be a significant money-saver, stocking your kitchen with items that won't need replacing for a very long time to come.

2. Creative Cooking

Why should the chefs on TV have all the fun?  When you add commercial products to your kitchen, you're gaining access to a wide variety of specialty devices.  You could be enjoying home carbonators, sous-vide vacuum cooking, handheld smoke\flame units, high-powered food processors, creative ice cream confections, and more!  

A few choice pieces of countertop commercial appliances can take your home cooking and culinary experiments to entirely new levels, with equipment you're not going to find at your average Ottawa housewares shop.

3. Amazing Parties

If your goal is being the best entertainer on the block or in your office, commercial grade service supplies can push you well over the top.  A full set of graceful and beautiful entertainment pieces can change a Friday night dinner into a truly amazing experience.  This goes beyond looks, as well.  High-end oil cans, French presses, fondue pots, and other such items are beautiful and functional, making for easy elegance at every step of the gathering.

Shop Chef’s Paradise

With nearly a century of experience carrying the best in countertop commercial appliances and supplies, Chef’s Paradise is your one-stop-shop for the absolute best in cooking hardware, whether you're a pro, enthusiast, or up-and-coming amateur.  Our entire collection is available to browse online, or sign up for our newsletter for all the latest news.

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